Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Keansburg Mural Project

is looking for funding through KickStarter

Six unique local artists are looking to add art and beauty by way of murals to Keansburg an area that has seen hard times since Sandy. Support our efforts to decorate and beautify abandoned and empty commercial buildings with murals done by local artists.

By making a donation you are not only helping us improve the esthetics of Keansburg but also get the following based on your donation level.  Art supply donations are also appreciated!

Level: Buddy
Amount: $20
Reward: A quick sketch of you.

Level: Our Buddy
Amount: $50
Reward: Welcome to watch the Art happen.

Level: Super Buddy
Amount: $100
Reward: Detailed sketch of you.

Level: Sponsor Buddy
Amount: $150
Reward: Special thanks painted on a mural.

These are some of the buildings being considered.  Note: some are still awaiting approval from the property owners.

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