Friday, November 17, 2017

Keansburg Article in Monmouth Arts Magazine

Dr. Ed Balyk, President of the Keansburg Historical Museum & Society had an article published in the Monmouth Arts Magazine.  The article was printed in "" Fall 2017 Edition on pages 16 & 17.

The article is printed below or can be found here.  Congratulations Dr. Balyk on sharing the diverse history of Keansburg.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

You're Invited - Saturday November 18th

Celebrating The Future of Keansburg
Join us for FREE on Saturday - November 18th / 4-9pm
LaPlaya Restaurant - 2 Beachway
FREE Appetizers and Cash Bar & Full Menu
Live Music by "Grimmer Twins"
Hear for the first time the release of a new song titled: "Coming Home to Keansburg"
Special Guests / Prizes / A Video Presentation on the Future of Keansburg

Some of the highlights include ...   

The Release of a Song About Keansburg
A new song written by local musician Roger "Hurricane" Wilson will be released titled
  "Coming Home to Keansburg". 'Hurricane' had released a song about Keansburg titled 
"Pride of Keansburg" in March of 2013.

Lester F. Horner of the Memories of New Jersey ( is bringing three big
 binders of old photographs of Keansburg.

Live Music by the Grimmer Twins Band
The Grimmer Twins alt Country and Rock and Roll. 
A rollicking fun house of blues country and musicial Mayhem

The Final Video about the History of Keansburg 
 "The First Hundred Years" 
will be shown for the first time. This is the 8th and final video that completes 
4 hours of the history of Keansburg and its' Centennial Celebration.

The Video Story of Keansburg 

Part 8 - Coming November 18th

 is a Campaign to raise money to purchase books on the history of Keansburg 
for the Keansburg Library, Schools and the Keansburg. You can find 
out more about this campaign and make a donation here: Forging the Future of Keansburg.

Hosted by: The Centennial Committee, The Keansburg Historic Museum, The Keansburg Business Alliance,  the Jersey Bayshore Country, and LaPlaya Restaurant.  Special Thanks to John Schnieder from Jersey Bayshore Country who scripted, filmed and edited the all of the Videos and coordinated this event.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Keansburg Gets Exposed!

Keansburg has been exposed by Keansburg resident and photographer Bill Jones through his camera lens.  Bill has the been selected to display 65 of his photos at the Port of Authority in Manhattan.  Over 225,000 people a day go through this Transportation Hub and will have the opportunity to see how he captures the essence of the moment through his work during the month of November.  

Mr. Jones has taken this Prestigious Opportunity to display photos of Keansburg, it's revitalization, nature, and scenery that is unique to Keansburg.  The multi-million dollar NY views from the Borough's newly built FREE Beaches, newly constructed Baywalk, and more then $65M construction of Luxury Apartments, Condos, and new businesses just scratch the surface of the subject matter that Bill and other photographers and artists have. There is also the many activities, nature, and historical assets that are being captured as well.  

We thank Bill for taking his opportunity to share the greatness of Keansburg and its' revitalization and natural beauty.  Keansburg's celebrating it's Centennial this year and he has been busy volunteering taking photos for the Borough's celebration, new business openings with the Keansburg Business Alliance and the over 50+ activities that have taken place this year on the beach hosted by the Keansburg Recreation Dept

Bill's photography passion finds him walking through Keansburg at all hours of the day or night taking photos.  Here is a picture of Bill - if you see him, please stop and say hello and thank him for sharing his love of Keansburg as the Hidden Gem of the NJ Bayshore. Congratulations Bill on this prestigious recognition!

Below are some of the photos in the NYC share on Bill Jones Facebook page.  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Keansburg to Benefit from Blue Acres Program

KEANSBURG — Every day that Alisen Hughes and her mother leave their Creek Road home in Keansburg, their view of quiet marshland and a sun-dappled stream is marred by a derelict, rotting house across the street.
That house, precariously balanced on a narrow slip of land between Creek Road and Waackaack Creek, is on a list of neighboring houses slated to be torn down due to the expansion of a state program that purchases and demolishes flood-prone property. 
Hughes and her mother, Virginia, listened from their porch Monday as Gov. Chris Christie, standing between their home and the abandoned house, announced an additional $75 million would go to New Jersey's Blue Acres program, a $300 million pool of federal disaster recovery money used to purchase such oft-flooded properties and convert the parcels to open space, parks and buffers against future storm surges.

"Having met with so many homeowners who saw their homes flooded and their lives upended, not just during (superstorm) Sandy but repeatedly before that, I fully comprehend that these families lived with worry every time it rained," Christie said from a podium flanked on either side by abandoned homes.
"It's the Blue Acres program that continues to help people like these, not just in Sandy-hit areas but across our state in 14 different municipalities," he said.
The Department of Environmental Protection, which oversees the program, offers homeowners prices for their houses at pre-Sandy values. The point is to encourage residents to move to safer, less flood-prone areas. Those properties, in turn, become parkland and open space, said Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin."As the storm surges come in, it's a place for the water to seep into, and so it provides both that barrier (and) open space, and a place for the water to go," he said.

The Hughes women welcome Blue Acres into their neighborhood and hope to see the state demolish two abandoned homes across Creek Road from their home.They said the collapsing structures lower the value of their neighborhood. 

Virginia Hughes said one of the empty homes, which has gaping holes in the roof and a glassless bay window, have become a haven for raccoons and vandals.

 "It's beautiful beyond all the trash," Alisen Hughes said, pointing to the marsh and creek beyond.Keansburg Mayor George Hoff said Blue Acres will be important to the future of this neighborhood, where the Waackaack Creek has eroded property lines and damaged the foundations of homes built between the road and the water's edge.

More than 1,800 Keansburg homes were damaged during Sandy, and more than 300 are still unoccupied five years after the storm, Hoff said. Inland homeowners can rebuild higher on pilings, but these Creek Road homes along the Waackaack have little land left on which to build. Being a low-lying spot in the borough also makes them vulnerable to any flooding, he said.

Once the homes are removed, "we're hoping to expand upon our bulkhead that we just built two years ago, and expand it down here for the neighbors, (add) a walkway, and hopefully a launch ramp for either canoes or kayaks," he said.

Keansburg is not the only municipality in Ocean and Monmouth counties ready to benefit from the additional Blue Acres money. Department of Environmental Protection staff are also working with homeowners in flood-prone neighborhoods in Brick, Stafford, Neptune and other towns throughout New Jersey, said Martin, the environmental commissioner.

Facades, Awnings & Murals, Oh my!

Over the past 6 months there has been many visual improvements made throughout Keansburg.  There is still a long way to go but the commitment and efforts of the Governing Body and Business Community are showing results.  Keansburg is on the Rise!

The Commercial Facade Program from Sandy Grants is almost complete! Several businesses on Main Street, Church Street and Carr Avenue have been repaired, painted and received new awnings. Below is a sample of some of the new look.

"The Keansburg Mural Project" has made an visual impact on some of the empty and Sandy battered commercial buildings.  Many murals are still a work in progress and Phase 2 has just begun.  The Murals are being coordinated by Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park. The volunteer artists are all local and the funding of the project was done with a Kickstarter Donation Campaign for Phase 1 and Phase 2 is being funded by a grant from the Monmouth Arts Council.  Thank you to Tim Lucas for coordinating and supervising the Project and all the local artists that are participating.

The old vs. The New

The Adopt-A-Planter Program has also made a difference.  The Planters throughout the Borough were painted and maintained by Businesses, Organizations, and families at their expense.  Thank you to everyone who participated in making a difference.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FREE Community Shredding


Free Community Shredding Event

 · Hosted by Keansburg Borough

                                                                   55 Shore Blvd, Keansburg, New Jersey 07734

Annual FREE Community Shredding Event. Open to all Monmouth County residents. Protect yourself from identity theft, shred your old papers and documents rather than tossing them into the trash. It’s a great way to recycle as well!!

Support the Centennial Sponsors

Thank you to the 1,000's of people who attended the events of the Keansburg Centennial Celebration. Join us in thanking the Sponsors of  by supporting their businesses.

Fireworks Sponsor 
 BCB Bank

Weekend Event Sponsors
DrugSmart, Nappy's Bar & Liquor, Nappy's Deli, Pier 260 Restaurant

Individual Activity Sponsors
KEA (Keansburg Education Association)
Keansburg Pharmacy
Bayside Manor Assisted Living