Keansburg gets Exposed!

Keansburg has been exposed by Keansburg resident and photographer Bill Jones through his camera lens.  Bill has the been selected to display 65 of his photos at the Port of Authority in Manhattan.  Over 225,000 people a day go through this Transportation Hub and will have the opportunity to see how he captures the essence of the moment through his work during the month of November.  

Mr. Jones has taken this Prestigious Opportunity to display photos of Keansburg, it's revitalization, nature, and scenery that is unique to Keansburg.  The multi-million dollar NY views from the Borough's newly built FREE Beaches, newly constructed Baywalk, and more then $65M construction of Luxury Apartments, Condos, and new businesses just scratch the surface of the subject matter that Bill and other photographers and artists have. There is also the many activities, nature, and historical assets that are being captured as well.  

We thank Bill for taking his opportunity to share the greatness of Keansburg and its' revitalization and natural beauty.  Keansburg's celebrating it's Centennial this year and he has been busy volunteering taking photos for the Borough's celebration, new business openings with the Keansburg Business Alliance and the over 50+ activities that have taken place this year on the beach hosted by the Keansburg Recreation Dept

Bill's photography passion finds him walking through Keansburg at all hours of the day or night taking photos.  Here is a picture of Bill - if you see him, please stop and say hello and thank him for sharing his love of Keansburg as the Hidden Gem of the NJ Bayshore. Congratulations Bill on this prestigious recognition!

Below are some of the photos in the NYC share on Bill Jones Facebook page.  

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